Our Coffee


At Top Pot, we put as much care into our coffee as we do into our doughnuts, and that’s saying something. We select the finest beans from around the world and hand-roast them in small batches, taking special care to ensure each batch is roasted to perfection.

We also support our international coffee communities. It’s important to us the coffee farmers are taken care of and the beans are grown in a sustainable fashion, so our coffee will be at the peak of quality and we can be sure where to find it for years to come.

Choose Your Favorite

El Presidente

The rich robust flavor of our medium roast espresso blend is courtesy of beans from Mexico, Bolivia, Papua New Guinea and Peru.


This delicious French roast is our best blend for drip coffee, with beans from Ethiopia, Sumatra, Mexico and Brazil.


Our decaf is the result of a natural Swiss water process—which relies upon water soaking (rather than harsh chemicals) to naturally decaffeinate the gourmet blend of Peruvian and Bolivian beans.

Artisan Collection

Occasionally, our master roaster finds a special coffee he just can’t resist. Stop by a café to see our latest limited time offering.

Coffee Tote

Offer hot gourmet drip coffee at parties, office functions and casual get-togethers with the Top Pot Coffee Tote. Pick one up at a café today.

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